Australian Dorper Sheep Exports to Malaysia

All exporters of livestock are licensed by the Australian Government, compliance to exports standards and animal welfare and care are focused on in the conducting of our business. Contingency planning is an important element of this process including post arrival support in terms of management, nutritional and veterinary care.

Australian livestock export of sheep covers many breeds for slaughter and breeding purposes. As exporters of only breeding animals by air, Cluny Dorpers have proven consistently to be the highest performing, most durable and toughest  of all animals that we have exported to many countries. Their ability to bounce back from adversity and tough seasons is simply amazing. Cluny Exports in 2007 exported the first Dorper sheep from Australia to Pakistan and their adaptability was simply amazing.

Cluny Exports have been exporting Dorper Sheep to Malaysia for over 8 years and we have always focused on supplying the right sheep for the environment. At a higher cross (6th generation crossbreds) the Dorper will shed it’s hair or grow very little hair in hotter tropical climates. This enables high cross Dorpers to adapt better to the higher humidity of Malaysia and therefore perform to their potential. Dorpers are tough , adaptable, disease resistant, gain weight fast, produce a healthier meat, produce fine leather and are great low maintenance breeders.



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