Australian Dairy Cattle

Australian Dairy Cattle Exports


Australian Dairy Cattle exports are conducted by Australian livestock exporters licensed by the Australian Government and the industry is highly regulated and has high levels of compliance. Animal Welfare is a primary component of the compliance and a primary focus of the way in which we Cluny Livestock Exports conduct our business.

Dairy Cattle exports include pure bred Holstein Friesians (60% 0f total population), Jersey, Jersey x Holstein Crossbreds (perform well in the tropics- see White Papers on Home Page) , Brown Swiss, Australian Reds, Illawarra, Ayreshire  and other breeds on request.

Jersey x Holstein dairy crossbreds have become popular as they prove to be more profitable than the much larger Holsteins (technical paper see Home  Page White Papers).

 Australian Dairy Cattle exports biggest market is China, followed by Russia, Turkey, Indonesia and the Middle East primarily for the Holsteins. Malaysia, the Philippines and other South East Asian countries have focused on Jersey x Holstein Friesians with their proven performance in tropical climates. The Jersey x Holstein crossbreds are proving superior in the tropics to the Australian Friesian Sahiwal and New Zealand Friesian Sahiwal according to Thai and Sabah research papers (See White Paper).

Ayreshire is another breed with a proven record in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa where they make up over 70% of the dairy cattle population. 

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