Cheap versus Quality Livestock

We’ll take the very best quality for the cheapest price!

This is a tough concept to provide. You get what you pay for in all bigstock-Blue-Quality-Control-Stamp-49875791things and shopping around works well in asupermarket but not always with livestock. We consider our pricing to be very competitive, given that we are providing the same quality as our competitors.


Quality is long remembered after price is forgotten

Quality livestock is underpinned by quality genetics developed over many years or even decades. The result is fast maturing (weight gain) meat producing livestock or high milk production capabilities with dairy cattle are the result of this genetic development. The difference in buying the cheapest export stock compared to going for a quality product is profit realised quicker, compared to slower profits or none at all. A genetic step forward can be quite slow, however, one backward step can be extremely fast and a very costly one which you may never recover from.

Cluny Exports can provide you with cost effective strategies for crossbreeding programs that can incorporate Australian crossbreds or local breeds to crossbreed with Australian males.

Cluny Livestock Exports is not a breeding operation, however, we have over 150 suppliers who are breeders and farmers to advise as well as other options including semen and embryo transfer programs.

The knowledge pool and intellectual property is an abundant and very powerful tool and available to our clients.


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