Livestock Export

Livestock Exports

Cluny Livestock Exports as a licensed Australian livestock exporter and we have exported worldwide to markets such as the UAE,  Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan,  Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand and the USA.

We specialize in the livestock export of breeding animals by air and don’t export slaughter animals. Worldwide Cluny Livestock Exports specialize in the livestock export of breeding livestock including the following:

  • Goats –  Boer Goats (meat purposes) and Dairy Goats
  • Sheep –  Dorper Sheep – other breeds available on request
  • Dairy Cattle – Tropical or temperate to suit for your climate
  • Beef Cattle – Bos Indicus and Bos Taurus to suit your climate
  • Australian Camels – from the world’s most disease free land
  • Alpacas – originating from South America & bred in Australia

Animal welfare is a primary of focus of the way in which we conduct our export of livestock. In over ten years of livestock export the principal owner of Cluny Livestock Exports Pty. Ltd. has never been involved in a shipment that had a single mortality. This remarkable achievement is due to attention to detail, purpose built animal crates, lower stocking loads (than official compliance demands) and unique products to reduce the ammonia acid in the animal crates created from urine. Animal welfare is an important issue for Australian livestock exporters and the Australian Government and we carefully plan our shipments and offer wide ranging post arrival support.







Australian Camel