Our Breeding Operation

Our Breeding Operation

Cluny Exports believes that to maintain quality control standardsPicture of Dorpers 002 we must not restrict ourselves to one location and farm in supplying for export. Our farmers and breeders number over 150 operations Australia wide and this avoids lowering our standards if floods, droughts or fires which are common in Australia, impact upon the quality of animals by sourcing in one area only. Our philosophy is to buy the best from the best breeders and farmers.

We are providing livestock that meets your specifications, which are clearly defined in terms of breed type, live weight, age, registeration (with pedigree from breed association), pregnancy status etc.

We also use independent classification of animals including the ClassiMate system which involves a world renown judge of Boer Goats and other breeds to grade from 1 to 10. This puts your livestock into perspective in terms quality and is conducted by an independent organisation.

The knowledge bank of our suppliers covers up to six generations and is available to our clients and is a powerful tool to ensure your success. Support in terms of nutritional advice, general management, staff training and project management are available.

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