Cluny Livestock Exports Pty. Ltd. is an Australian livestock exporter and has a decade of experience, a sophisticated Australia wide supply chain, utilises a network of quarantine depots, has highly trained professional staff both in Australia and during any transit worldwide. Our reach is global, our vision sustainable and all Australian livestock exports are licensed by the Australian government (Export License L0773). We have been in business since 2007 in over 16 countries and specialize in breeding animals by air, we don’t export slaughter animals and don’t export by sea. Make sure you ask if the supplier is licensed by the Australian Government you really don’t need facilitators you can deal with us direct.


Cluny Livestock Exports exports livestock globally, shipping by air dairy cattle, beef cattle, and goats (meat and dairy), sheep, Alpacas or Camels to the world. We can assist you in your livestock export needs. We offer consultancy services for feedlot design, small or large projects for all ruminants and were involved in designing a large state of the art ruminant project (dairy & meat goats) in south-east Asia. Our input is broad and goes beyond facility design through to genetics (embryos and semen), staff training, nutritional advice; agronomy advice and the supply of quality breeding livestock and the export of tropical seeds. Our consultants are industry experts and include top breeders, geneticists, agronomists and nutritional experts.


Where quality is concerned you are at the right place. In our Australian livestock export business model we don’t aim to be the cheapest, which by default is always the lowest quality. However, we do aim to see you succeed with quality livestock and a high level of support.

Our knowledge comes from being in the livestock export business since 2007 and is gained from overseas projects and our 100s of suppliers.