TESTIMONIAL: Adaptation-Malaysia

The animals arrived safe and well and have adapted well to our new farm, they looked healthy as you had promised.

TESTIMONIAL: New Farmers- Malaysia

First of all my brother and I would like to say thank you for guiding us through the process. We are new to the field and felt a bit insecure. From the beginning to the end, you were there to advise, guide and to encourage through the ins and outs of the process.

TESTIMONIAL: After sales service-Malaysia

You guided us with nutritional, veterinary advice and general management advice. You visited our farm and commented upon areas that we could improve upon, you really went the extra mile in terms of service.

TESTIMONIAL: Quality of livestock-UAE

The quality of livestock met our expectations in terms of specifications, live weight and breed and was covered by a comprehensive and very fair contract.

TESTIMONIAL: Nepalese Boer Goats Shipment

Your assistance in conducting our shipment went far beyond what we expected and hoped for, given it was 28 boer goats in total. In providing a nutritional program for the animals covering ingredients, methods of mixing the feed, day to day management and veterinary care was truly exceptional customer service.  Many thanks!