Australian Boer Goat Exports

Australian Boer Goat Exporters are licensed by the Australian Government, compliance to exports standards and animal welfare and care are focus of our business. Contingency planning is an important element of this process including post arrival support in terms of management, nutritional and veterinary care.

Boer goats were introduced to Australia via genetic material in the late 1980s and the live animals were released in the mid 1990s.

The video shows some fine examples of Australian boer goats (full blood), our focus is on exporting quality animals and the impact boers have had worldwide in crossbreeding programs involving Australian boer goats. The upgrade of local goat breeds has been dramatic and positive.

Cluny’s Australian Livestock Export of Goats has focused on the Australian Boer Goat breed as well as dairy goats to markets including Malaysia, New Zealand, UAE and Pakistan.



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  1. Hi
    we are prime foods company in cairo egypt
    we need to import
    500 males
    1500 pregnant females
    all are unregistered
    age between 12-18 month
    what will be the price ?
    Ahmed Zawbaa

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