Dorper Sheep Gallery


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The breed was developed in South Africa in the 1930s utilising the The Dorset Horn and Blackhead Persian.

The breed was first introduced into Australia in 1996 with the release of Dorper embryos from South Africa for sale.  They are referred to as hair sheep as they require no shearing and given the right genetics lose their hair during the warmer weather. As wool prices declined Dorpers have become very popular as they are  extremely tough, adapatable, fast growing, parasite resistant and produce one of the healthiest meats available (technical papers available). In addition they can produce fine quality leather.

There is no necessity for annual shearing, mulesing, flystrike treatment, lice treatment and tail docking. Because of their polyestrus breeding there is also no mating season; they can be mated at whatever time of the year suits their owner. This makes the dorper the highest performing animal that we export.

Cluny sheep exports focus on the incredibly tough and adaptable super sheep the Dorper, plus Van Rooy,  Damara breeds and Dorper and Van Rooy crossbreds. Other breeds available on request.




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