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Australian Meat Goat exports focus on Boer Goat derivatives such as Boer Crossbreds (Boer x Feral or cashmere mothers) and Boer Full Blood (Commercial to Stud Grade), Savannah (White Boer) and Kalahari Reds (Red Boer).

Cluny Exports main markets for meat goats for breeding purposes include Malaysia, other Asian countries and the United Arab Emirates. We have also exported to the USA and Brazil.

Boer Goat genetics were imported into Australia in the late 1980’s from South Africa and were released from Quarantine in the mid 90’s.   Since this time the popularity of the Boer goat has gone from strength to strength with numbers rapidly increasing.

Boer goat bucks are being used to successfully crossbreed with Australian rangeland (feral) does producing a much quicker growing carcase, which reaches slaughter weight in significantly faster time and has a higher dressing out percentage. The Boer goat is performing well in trials and carcase competitions proving it to be the superior meat goat breed.

The Boer goat has proved successful in crossbreeding with local breeds in Asia and the Middle East including the Jamnapari and Beetal breeds. Boer goat’s genetics ability to upgrade local breeds in terms of weight gain, carcase weight and dressing percentages are creating a worldwide impact.




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